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…and 15.000 visitor.

Nice, indeed.

So i’ll post my backlog, hope someone will like it.

Credens justitiam – Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica OST

Credens justitiam-魔法少女まどか★マギカ OST-由記梶浦

 Download :





Difficulty : X/4/5/7/9/X

Background pic picked up from here.

I wish – Touhou Kinema-kan ~Dai ni Maku~ ED (Well, i wrote it as “OP” in the file but well, who cares ┐(  ̄3 ̄)┌)

I wish – 東方活動写真館 ~第二幕~ ED – 舞花

Download :




Difficulty : X/X/X/7/X/X

Banner thanks to pote but i’m sure if you are using sm-ssc you aren’t going to see it.

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Yes. Also i got a problem for my paypal account so no one can help me for a new laptop. Fukou da..~.

Anyway for you who still want for my comeback just pray that i can buy a new one immediately.


RL sucks anyway….

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No update?

I’m not dead yet, really.

But RL sucks, college sucks, some friends sucks, well, whatever. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Anyway i have some songs ready to submit lol i am busy as hell.

You can wait if you still love me (You still, don’t you ^^)

Btw enjoy my new love

My new love

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Work Progress

Good news and Bad news come at the same time :S


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Gzz .. my laptop is broken, and I do not have the money to fix it. Looks like I will stop taking care of this blog for a while.
Anyway congratulations to Spain who has won the World Cup, although the final match yesterday made me sleepy.

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予感 – 会長はメイド様! ED

Download :




Difficulty : x/2/5/8/10/x

Bpms: 181.000

Type : Pad

Yokan by Heidi. (Bemanistyle link only use 128 kbps mp3 file due the size limit)

Realize there are some changes here? Yes, i decide to write the “type” of the chart, since my type of chart always changing depending on my mood. Someone mail me about this and i think i must do this.

This month will be the busiest month for me, because i’ll have the final exam (Starting from next week). So, maybe, i’ll rush my 2nd and 3rd simfiles of this month and release it this week. Then, say good bye to me until next month. And…..why i tell you this? Because this  newest simfiles are the opening and ending theme song from “DRRR!” that i have been waiting so long. (Yatta! 😀 ) So, before the exam suck my mood, i’ll suck’em first.

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